Commercial Window Blinds for the Education Sector

Chris Craft Contracts have been operating in the Education sector for over 30 years, supplying window blinds for schools, colleges and universities throughout Scotland. We work closely with contractors, local authorities and education bodies to deliver window shading solutions that enhance education environments by reducing glare, keeping temperatures within a comfortable range, and improving privacy. We have completed various large scale projects, including some which involved working with a PFI initiative, where we can have as many as 5 newly built schools to be fitted out within a 6-week programme. These projects often require the manufacture and installation of more than 1,000 blinds, usually across a school holiday period in readiness for the start of the new term, but our team are more than qualified for the task.

Classroom blinds, curtains & window shading for schools, colleges, universities & education campuses

The key areas, usually require total blackout solutions for science and laboratory rooms, where the solution is cassetted roller blinds, oering total privacy and glare control. Traditional vertical blinds can be specified but without the use of, potentially hazardous, bottom chains, this we achieve by supplying all individual slats with securely sewn in bottom weights. And, as is now the norm, all blinds fully comply with the child safety requirements of BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014 which places an obligation on all of the industry to sell, supply and install compliant products.

Our window shading products are designed and manufactured to stand up to robust demands of the school environment. Ensuring blinds are Child Safe Compliant by reducing the use of cords and chains. This is achieved by the introduction of wand or crank handle operation, latterly the advent of affordable motorisation has meant that blind operation can be within the control of the Teacher or Janitor.

The advance in fabric technology has improved the classroom environment where the qualities of a fabric can be geared to suit the situation. South and West facing windows need higher levels of solar protection and the introduction of solar protective backings on fabrics can enhance and improve the classroom environment by introducing both dim-out and glare control.

Screen fabrics have been more apparent in the education sector of late where varying degrees of fabric openness can be selected to suit the needs of the user offering a view-through fabric without compromising privacy.

Key Solutions

FR Standard BS 5867 Part 2 Type B
Blackout Blinds
Dim-out Blinds
Solar Control through Solar Protective Coating
Child Safe to BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014
Privacy Blinds
Screen Blinds
Sheer Blinds
Anti-Mildew and Anticide Coatings for moist conditions